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Urban WeaponsEdit

Keeping in mind that most objects in the game can be destroyed and used as weapons, here is a list of some items that can be either carried in the inventory, or found more commonly. Most of these items can be thrown as well.

REBELS Description Only Aggressive
Molotov Incendiary grenade made out of breakable glass bottles filled with petrol used to scare off the opponent on impact. yes
Molotov+ Incendiary grenade made out of breakable glass bottles filled with napalm used to scare off the opponent on impact. yes
Paper Bomb DIY grenade made out of gunpowder, cardboard, plaster, and other materials. Emits a loud blast when it detonates. yes
China Molotov Plastic molotov cocktail with chinese firecracker as fuse. It's hard to notice and it creates fire blast when it detonates. yes
Rockets Fireworks used as rockets shot through a plastic tube. May cause heavy damage, used to scare opponent. yes
DIY Smoke DIY smoke grenade yes
Slingshot Shoots random scrap bullets to the opponent yes
Firecracker Very small explosive which causes a loud detonation on impact used to agitate opponent. no
Firecrackers Many firecrackers tied with a flammable string used to make several loud detonations in a short time period. no
Maalox Temporarily reduces smoke grenade effects. no
Colored Eggs Temporally makes the target who gets hit unusable by the opponent. no
Road Flares Flammable flares used to create light or keep out people from area until it's on. no
Color Smoke Mild smoke grenade used to block vision in certain areas for several seconds. no
Laser Pens Powerful laser lights used to slow down the opponent for several seconds. no
Megaphone Regroups rebels, boosts attention and discipline no
Rocks Extra rocks in Backpack to speed up the ballistic attack. yes
Social Calls additional help. Can only be used once(or very long cooldown. TBD). no
Indie Media Calls extra media help to document the opponent's brutality. Can only be used once (or very long cooldown. TBD). no
POLICE Description
Stun Grenade Grenade that emits a very loud blast when it detonates. yes
Taser Causes electric shock to opponent at a very short distance. yes
Pepper Spray Spraycan full of liquid pepper used to hurt and scare away opponent in very short range. yes
Teargas Smoke grenade used to disperse the crowd. yes
Handgun Live ammo handgun used in emergencies to roughly scare and disperse crowd. yes
Videocamera Documents the event in favor of player, influencing final media result. no
Axe Breaks barricades very easily. no
Extinguisher Fire extinguisher used to turn off fire in close range. no
Stimulants Chemical additives to stimulate adrenaly, energy, and aggressivity no
Backup Calls extra backup. Can only be used once. no